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A range of coaxial cable suited for CCTV installations


75Ω Coaxial. (1/0.58) CCSW, solid PE insulation, braided screen, black or white PVC sheathed. Ø 6.20mm.

Available from stock in the following options:
  • Pure Copper Conductor RG59
  • LSF (Black Low Smoke & Fume) Ø 6.20mm
  • LSZH (Black Low Smoke Zero Halogen) Ø 6.20mm
  • PE (Black UV Resistant Polyethelene – Light Duty External)
    Ø 6.20mm
  • DB (Direct Burial Ø 7.40mm)
  • SWA (Steel Wire Armour Ø 11.00mm)

Also available from stock:
  • RG59mini (0.41mm Conductor, Ø 3.60mm)
  • RG59 + 2 Cores (0.75mm²) Fig.8 / Shotgun Composite LSF Sheath
  • RG59 + 4 Cores (0.5mm²) Concentric Composite LSF Sheath (Ø 9.80mm)


75Ω Coaxial. (7/0.19) PCW, solid PE insulated PCWB screen,
black PVC sheath. Ø 5.80mm.

Available from stock in the following options:
  • LSF (Low Smoke & Fume) Ø 5.80mm
  • LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) Ø 5.80mm
  • DB (Direct BurialØ 8.00mm)
  • SWA (Steel Wire Armour Ø 10.60mm)

  • Also available from stock:
    • URM70 + 2 Cores (0.75mm²) Fig.8 / Shotgun Composite LSF Sheath


    High quality, high performance, low loss 75Ω coaxial,
    ideal for longer runs. Available in a variety of conductor sizes:
    1.00mm, 1.25mm, 1.65mm

    • PVC or PE sheath suitable for internal / light duty external installations where longer runs are required.
      DFD100, QF125, QF165
    • DB: Thick PE/PP composite sheath suitable for heavy-duty direct burial or duct installations. Ideal for perimeter surveillance. DB100, DB125.


    Two Coaxial + Multicore Composite cables for Video Door Entry.

    VEC6 - 75Ω coaxial, plus 5 Cores.Overall LSF Sheath Ø9.00mm
                   [1x 75Ω coaxial] + [2x 1.00mm²] + [3x 0.50mm²]

    VEC13 - 75Ω coaxial, plus 12 Cores.Overall LSF Sheath Ø12.50mm
                   [1x 75Ω coaxial] + [1x1.5mm²] + [5x 1.00mm²] +
                   [1x0.75mm²] + [5x 0.50mm²]